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If you purchased App Tamer before July 1, 2013…

you are eligible for a $7.95 upgrade to version 2.

If you purchased App Tamer on or after July 1, 2013…

your upgrade is free! App Tamer will continue to run with your current license number. All you need to do is download and install the new software.

To make your purchase

Make sure that you know the name, email address or license number from your old App Tamer license. You can find your license number by choosing "License" from the App Tamer menu in the version you're running now. Once you've got that, just click on this button:

More information about App Tamer

To learn about how App Tamer saves CPU and battery power on your Mac, check out our App Tamer page and online manual.

Please enter the information your App Tamer 1.x license.


If you need assistance, please email

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Download Version 2.8.3 
For macOS 10.13 - 14.5 

Older Version 2.7.6 
For macOS 10.9 - 10.12 

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Single-user license: $14.95/each
2+ licenses: $12.45/each
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Reviews and Comments
What a beautifully simple yet revolutionary App! But don't tell Apple that I can put off upgrading my Macbooks for another year ;)
- Marko Turner
It's "just working". Thank you so much. Love the product. Love the support.
- Gregory Morse
A) the user interface is completely intuitive, B) it seems to work perfectly and instantaneously, and C) I did independent confirmation with my usual tool (top from the command line) and astonishingly, Safari was sitting there firmly fixed at 0 %CPU. That is awesome!!! I am absolutely going to be telling everyone I know to go buy this immediately!
- Larry Yaeger
System Requirements
macOS 10.13 through 14.5
Runs natively on Intel & Apple Silicon

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