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SEP 24 2023: Default Folder X 6.0 is available! It adds keyboard-based Quick Search, great new drag-and-drop capabilities, and a wider filename edit field in Save dialogs, plus many other enhancements. Get it now!

And a huge shout-out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their hard work and patience in localizing version 6. Thank you!

SEP 19 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b7 fixes a bug in switching between folders in Open and Save dialogs and corrects various bugs and localization issues.
SEP 15 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b6 polishes the animation of the expanded filename field, switching between light and dark mode and other details.
SEP 13 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b5 fixes a problem that could make folder switching unreliable in file dialogs, makes appearance settings more straightforward, and corrects a number of bugs.
SEP 07 2023: App Tamer 2.8.1 eliminates audio stuttering when sound is playing through HDMI and DisplayPort devices, is compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma, and improves behavior when App Tamer is quit unexpectedly.
SEP 01 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b4 delivers more refinements to the user interface and drag & drop, as well as addressing bugs in the previous public beta version.
AUG 25 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b3 introduces translucent bezel and toolbar styles, lots of user interface refinements, improvements to drag and drop and more.
AUG 18 2023: App Tamer 2.8 wakes apps when audio is playing so sound doesn't stutter, supports macOS 14 Sonoma, and delivers user interface improvements and bug fixes.
AUG 14 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b2 improves the appearance of the Finder drawer and Quick Search windows, fixes problems with the expanded filename edit box, enhances drag and drop and addresses a number of bugs.
JUL 28 2023: Default Folder X 6.0b1 shows PDF keywords, makes the expanded filename edit field optional, shows splash screens with new v6 features, and addresses bugs found in the last beta release.
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