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JUN 18 2018: Default Folder X 5.2.5 delivers preliminary support for Mojave, more folder sorting options and manual access to default folders.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

APR 19 2018: Default Folder X 5.2.4 fixes a bug with the Recent Files menu that slipped through in the recently-released 5.2.3 update.
APR 16 2018: Default Folder X 5.2.3 delivers faster and more reliable folder switching, integration with ForkLift 3, compatibility with Magnet and BetterTouchTool, and much more!
MAR 16 2018: Jettison 1.6 remounts drives more reliably, is scriptable and offers a number of fixes and enhancements.
MAR 02 2018: App Tamer 2.3.5 addresses several performance issues.
FEB 16 2018: Default Folder X 5.2.2 offers improved performance, AppleScript and user interface enhancements, and important bug fixes.
JAN 10 2018: App Tamer 2.3.4 can quit idle apps, and better controls CPU usage of web browsers, Spotlight, and other complex applications.
JAN 08 2018: Default Folder X 5.2.1 fixes a single issue: Tags and comments weren't properly set on newly-saved files.
JAN 03 2018: Default Folder X 5.2 offers color toolbar icons, better handling of iCloud Drive, and numerous fixes.
NOV 27 2017: Default Folder X 5.1.9 helps you reopen recently closed Finder windows, ensures filename extensions are hidden and corrects several bugs.
OCT 27 2017: Default Folder X 5.1.8 fixes bugs and improves compatibility with High Sierra, Pro Tools and RapidWeaver.
OCT 13 2017: App Tamer 2.3.3 can accelerate Time Machine backups and change process priorities, and also addresses several issues that were present in previous versions.
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