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MAY 17 2024:

Default Folder X 6.0.7 corrects issues that could cause problems in Open and Save dialogs and adds a way to use the arrow keys to edit in Quick Search.

Thank you to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their help with localization!

APR 19 2024:

Default Folder X 6.0.6 fixes slow-downs when gathering information about files and folders stored in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box Drive.
APR 15 2024: Default Folder X 6.0.5 improves support for cloud-synced folders, handles paths pasted into Quick Search, makes its Finder drawer smarter and more.
APR 04 2024: Jettison 1.8.7 won't show hidden volumes and improves mounting disks, especially encrypted volumes.
MAR 27 2024: Jettison 1.8.6 adds the ability to open disks in the Finder, improves handling of errors, includes better guidance on Ventura and Sonoma, and fixes issues with brief wake-ups.
FEB 23 2024: App Tamer 2.8.3 supports Chromium web apps, lets you sample processes, and fixes issues involving system sleep.
JAN 08 2024: HistoryHound 2.3.5 updates support for the Opera browser, corrects issues with unnecessary re-indexing and duplication of pages, and fixes a bug that prevented HistoryHound from indexing .webarchive files.
JAN 02 2024: Default Folder X 6.0.4 adds support for QSpace, refines Quick Search, and fixes slowness in Save dialogs.
DEC 07 2023: Default Folder X 6.0.3 fine-tunes Quick Search, drag & drop and Save dialogs, addresses issues with custom menus and Sonoma bugs, fixes problems on older versions of macOS, and more.
NOV 22 2023: Default Folder X 6.0.2 adds convenience features in Save dialogs and the Quick Search window, as well as fixing a number of bugs.
OCT 30 2023: App Tamer 2.8.2 allows you to reduce its footprint in your menu bar by displaying performance and efficiency core stats without showing overall CPU usage. It also fixes a bug that could result in apps running slowly after waking from sleep.
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