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May 18 2020: App Tamer 2.5.1 delivers enhanced AppleScript support, better handling of notifications and full-screen mode, and a number of bug fixes.
APR 20 2020: Default Folder X 5.4.5 offers on-the-fly menu sorting, improved performance and bug fixes, including correcting an issue with ARCHICAD.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

MAR 20 2020: HistoryHound 2.2 introduces the option to run it as a menu bar app and remove its icon from the Dock. This release also handles multiple Chrome and Firefox user profiles much better.
MAR 10 2020: Default Folder X 5.4.4 fixes several bugs that snuck in with the recent 5.4.3 improvements.
MAR 06 2020: Default Folder X 5.4.3 is faster, improves previews and scripting, and corrects a number of issues.
FEB 26 2020: App Tamer 2.5 manages Microsoft Edge and improves its handling of site-specific browsers and Chrome apps.
FEB 20 2020: HistoryHound 2.1.1 adds support for Microsoft Edge, improves indexing speed and accuracy, and fixes a number of bugs.
JAN 30 2020: Go64 1.1.1 refines its ability to detect Catalina-incompatible 32-bit applications and displays them in the Finder more effectively.
JAN 22 2020: HistoryHound 2.1 adds the ability to search for phrases, makes indexing more robust in numerous ways, and fixes issues with Chrome bookmarks and exported files.
DEC 12 2019: HistoryHound 2.0.3 now searches your NetNewsWire 5 browsing history, improves the indexing of Google Chrome bookmarks and fixes a bug that prevented HistoryHound from running at login.
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