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SEP 10 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b4, the latest Monterey-compatible public beta, is available. It addresses a bug in the previous beta, fixes an issue with Google Drive and adds support for PDF Studio Pro.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

AUG 26 2021: Another public beta, Default Folder X 5.6b3, is available. It's compatible with Apple's latest macOS 12 Monterey beta, while also fixing some minor UI glitches on all versions of macOS and bringing compatibility with Moneydance.
JUL 27 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b2 is a public beta release compatible with Apple's latest beta of macOS 12 Monterey. It also addresses issues with Dropbox, VoiceOver and Flying Logic.
JUL 16 2021: App Tamer 2.6.4 improves its efficiency and squashes bugs related to sleep, fast user switching and VoiceOver.
JUN 25 2021: The public beta release of Default Folder X 5.6b1 brings compatibility with Apple's developer preview of macOS 12 Monterey, as well as fixes for Affinity apps, Photoshop and Google Drive.
JUN 18 2021: App Tamer 2.6.3 reduces its own CPU usage and addresses a number of user-reported issues.
MAY 20 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.9 improves performance, fixes keyboard traversal of its menu and addresses issues with the Finder, Path Finder and ForkLift.
APR 16 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.8 improves its integration with Path Finder. It also corrects problems switching to default folders based on a file's type and resolves several user interface issues.
APR 6 2021: App Tamer 2.6.2 fixes several critical user interface issues and adds a workaround for an uncommon system problem.
MAR 26 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.7 refines its cooperation with Path Finder and squashes some important bugs.
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