Default Folder X Beta Testing

Default Folder X 5.7 Testing
Updated June 9, 2022

This is a very early public release of Default Folder X 5.7. It is for users that are running the developer release of macOS 13 Ventura which was announced at WWDC 2022.

If you encounter any issues when running it on Ventura, please let me know at

Version 5.7d3 delivers these improvements:

Changes for Ventura:

  • Preliminary support for the WWDC developer release of macOS 13 Ventura.

Changes for all macOS versions:

  • The icon for Favorites in the popup menu within Default Folder X's "Move", "Copy" and "Make Alias" dialogs now displays as it should.
  • When you open a document in iCloud Drive that has not yet been downloaded, Default Folder X will correctly re-select it the next time you use an Open dialog.
  • The "Default to the current document's folder in Save dialogs" feature will work correctly in Microsoft Word when the document resides on your local drive. It still will not work when the document is located on OneDrive due to the way Word handles those files.
  • Fixed the French localization for "Quick Start" in Default Folder X's menu.

Known Issues:

  • When guiding you through the granting of Full Disk Access privacy permissions in Ventura, Default Folder X opens the wrong pane in System Settings. This is due to a bug in System Settings. You must manually navigate to Full Disk Access and then grant Default Folder X permission there.
  • Prompts for setting privacy permissions still refer to "checkboxes" even though System Settings now uses switches (despite the Apple Human Interface Guidelines recommending checkboxes for these types of panels).

How to be a beta tester:

In order to beta test, you must have a stable, predictable machine (at least as much as that's possible with the Monterey betas) and be willing to commit time to work with us if you discover a bug or conflict. If you encounter incorrect or confusing behavior, please try to summarize what you were doing at the time it happened and supply that along with a crash log or screenshot.


Click below to download the public test version of Default Folder X 5.7:

Download Default Folder X 5.7d3

Please note that Default Folder X 5.7d3 is pre-release software, and as such, may contain bugs. It has been tested for compatibility on a number of systems, but has not been fully qualified and released. When testing any unreleased software, you should have a backup copy of any important files, since a software bug could cause your Mac to crash and lose valuable data.

Bug Reports:

Don't assume that a bug you've found has already been reported!! Please submit all bug reports and feedback to

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As a long-term Mac user, i have installed demo software beyond count. Yours is one of the few that I've seen the worth in investing in.
- Daniel Kennish
It's one of those programs that I wonder how I lived without for so long. Before I was constantly clicking through directories every time I wanted to open, save or attach a file. Now I do almost everything in just a few clicks.
- Ethan Annis
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Runs natively on Intel & Apple Silicon

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