Default Folder X Beta Testing

Default Folder X 6.0 Testing
Updated May 31, 2023

Default Folder X is getting a bunch of exciting new features in version 6! We'd appreciate your help testing them to make sure everything works as it should on your particular system configuration and with your specific collection of apps and utilities.

A quick overview of new features:

Here's a quick rundown. More details are on the Default Folder X 6.0 Tour page.

  • Use the keyboard to quickly access favorites, recent files, folders, apps or Finder windows. Pop up Default Folder X's new Quick Search window with a keyboard shortcut, type a few characters of an item's name, and then quickly go to it in a file dialog or open it in the Finder.
  • Wide filename field when saving files. Pretty self-explanatory - the default macOS Save As dialogs have an edit box that's way too narrow to accommodate a descriptive file name. Default Folder X 6 makes it bigger.
  • Drag and drop files and folders to Default Folder X's icon in the menu bar to move or copy them to another location. Pick a destination folder quickly from DFX's Recent and Favorites menus, or drill down to any folder using it's hierarchical menus.
  • Perform actions on files after saving them. Automatically open the saved file, or run AppleScripts, Automator Workflows or Shortcuts on it.
  • Customize Default Folder X's menu in your menu bar. Add, remove and reorganize menus and menu items to fit your workflow.
  • Sync your Default Folder X settings between Macs. If you've got more than one Mac with the same file and folder organization, sync your settings via iCloud so Default Folder X works the same on both machines.
  • A more powerful drawer in the Finder. Default Folder X's Finder drawer has been rewritten to be more useful and intuitive.

What's new in build 6.0a4:

New features:

  • You can now customize Default Folder X's menu in the menu bar. Click on the "Customize" button in Default Folder X > Settings > General.
  • Finder-click optionally supports clicking on the content of Finder windows. If you click on a folder icon in a Finder window, for instance, the file dialog will switch to the folder represented by that icon, not just the folder associated with the surrounding Finder window. I'm on the fence about offering this as a feature, as I think it might be confusing. Please go to Default Folder X > Settings > Open & Save > Behavior, turn on "Choose folders within windows when you click on them" and let me know what you think.
  • When you descend into a folder using the right arrow in Quick Search, the path of the folder and an arrow to go back are shown below the search field.
  • When using Quick Search within a folder, ".." can be used to select its parent folder.
  • The settings have been reorganized and updated (again). Feedback is welcomed.
  • A Quick Search menu item has replaced the Folder Sets submenu in the default menu configuration.
  • Finder-click now distinguishes between Finder, ForkLift and Path Finder windows by showing the icon of the app that owns them.
  • When searching explicitly for apps in Quick Search, it will also look in /Applications/ and /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.
  • Spark Desktop is supported by the email attachment action.

Bug fixes:

  • Worked around a bug in the Finder that would cause Finder-click to fail after browsing Time Machine backups.
  • When Quick Search is used in a file dialog, the file dialog is properly reactivated after the Quick Search window is dismissed.
  • The settings window remembers its previous size and position correctly in all cases.
  • The Quick Search results will be properly reset when starting a new search even when that search takes a long time (like when you're using Spotlight).
  • Quick Search correctly handles app-specific Document folders within iCloud Drive.
  • Fixed a bug in which hierarchical menus could show iCloud Drive nested within itself.
  • Fixed the assignment of keyboard shortcuts in Recent menus so they're on the correct items when menus are sorted by name rather than by date.
  • When dragging items to the menu bar icon, sending an item to the folder where it's already located will not generate an error.
  • Disk space will no longer be shown in menus in the Computer submenu because disk space no longer has meaning under APFS.
  • Quick Search will resolve all symlinks in custom search folders that are added via Terminal.
  • Removed "Move to Trash" from the contextual menu in Quick Search results.
  • The term "App" is used instead of "Application".

Full version history

How to be a beta tester:

In order to beta test, you must have a stable, predictable machine (at least as much as that's possible ) and be willing to commit time to work with us if you discover a bug or conflict. If you encounter incorrect or confusing behavior, please try to summarize what you were doing at the time it happened and supply that along with a crash log or screenshot.


Click below to download the public test version of Default Folder X 6:

Download Default Folder X 6.0a4

Please note that Default Folder X 6.0a4 is pre-release software, and as such, may contain bugs. It has been tested for compatibility on a number of systems, but has not been fully qualified and released. When testing any unreleased software, you should have a backup copy of any important files, since a software bug could cause your Mac to crash.

Bug Reports:

Don't assume that a bug you've found has already been reported!! Please submit all bug reports and feedback to

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