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Catching Up: Default Folder X, App Tamer and Jettison Updates

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I’ve been quiet for a while – a lot has been going on both within St. Clair Software and around it. For starters, we’ve had a number of updates:

App Tamer is up to version 1.1.1 now, addressing compatibility with Alien Skin’s Photoshop plug-ins as well as improving on App Tamer’s own miserly CPU usage. There was one problem in particular that was interesting: When people update to Lion, there are often background or helper applications that are no longer configured correctly (components installed in /System or /Library are missing, for instance). This can result in startup applications launching over and over again. As a user, you often never see this, but if you look in your Console log, there are heaps of messages documenting it. Because App Tamer does some work each time an application launches, customers were complaining that it was using lots of CPU time – an investigation turned up this repeated-launching problem on their machines. App Tamer has now been tweaked to minimize the impact on CPU usage, but the solution is really to fix whatever’s broken on your system.

Jettison was updated to version 1.1 in the Mac App Store, giving you the option to hide its menubar icon and working around a bug in Lion (a bug in OS X, not Jettison) that delayed Jettison’s “it’s ok to unplug” beep sound until the Mac woke back up from sleep. Which, yeah, made the beep totally useless…

Finally, there have been some compatibility issues with Default Folder X, the worst of which actually caused some applications to crash. Versions 4.4.4, 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 addressed various problems that resulted from architectural changes in Lion and the corresponding adaptations in Default Folder X. So things are once again right in the Default Folder X world. The latest beta (more on that in the next post) closes the last issue that I’m aware of.

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App Tamer 1.1 slashes CPU usage and fine tunes Lion compatibility

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

App Tamer 1.1 is now available! It reduces App Tamer’s own CPU usage to save even more battery and CPU power. It also corrects some compatibility issues with Lion to ensure that everything runs smoothly as you upgrade.

For more information, download links and an introductory screencast, go to the App Tamer page. The What’s New page lists the specific changes.

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App Tamer 1.0.9 brings Lion Compatibility and Smoother Gaming

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

App Tamer 1.0.9 is available, delivering compatibility with Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Older versions could crash when your Mac woke from sleep. This version also improves gaming mode by stopping Time Machine backups and Spotlight indexing – things which tend to cause annoying stutters because of all the disk I/O they perform.

Grab your copy from the App Tamer release page. If you’ve got an suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

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App Tamer 1.0.5 – Compatibility with Parallels and Lion

Monday, March 14th, 2011

This App Tamer update fixes compatibility issues with Parallels Desktop and the developer release of Mac OS 10.7 “Lion”:

In past versions, if you used App Tamer to pause Parallels Desktop, you’d get these annoying, 3-5 second pauses in mouse and keyboard input whenever Parallels stopped.  This was due to the way Parallels handled the mouse and keyboard.  App Tamer now only pauses the Parallels virtual machine processes and leaves the Parallels Desktop app running – that works around the issue and still cuts nearly all of the CPU use associated with Parallels.  Thanks to the excellent tech support folks at Parallels who helped us find this workaround!

In Mac OS 10.7, Safari is based on WebKit 2, which does more ‘sandboxing’ of web content.  It basically puts many tasks (like Flash plugins and JavaScript scripts) in separate processes.  App Tamer already handled this sort of thing adeptly, but in 10.7, downloads are also done by a separate process, and that broke App Tamer’s download checking.  This new release fixes that – if Safari is downloading something, App Tamer won’t stop it in the background even if AutoStop is turned on.

And finally, there are some new features and tweaks in version 1.0.5, as well.  The list of stopped processes at the top of the App Tamer window gets a new contextual menu.  This lets you easily turn AutoStop off for the selected process, or quit, force quit, or relaunch that app. Also, double-clicking an app in the list will activate it, and selecting it in the list will show it in the Details drawer so you can see more information about it.

If you’re already running App Tamer, you can get the new version using its “Check for Updates” command in the App Tamer menu.  Or you can hop over to and download it from there.

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App Tamer 1.0.4 – A Couple Quick Fixes

Friday, February 4th, 2011

There were two issues with version 1.0.3 that we missed in testing – both of them happen only in fairly uncommon circumstances, but are serious enough that they merit a new release to fix them.

App Tamer 1.0.4 addresses two problems:

  1. When running under high CPU load, App Tamer’s real-time CPU usage graphs could stop updating. This is fairly uncommon, but is bound to impact many people at some point in time.
  2. Version 1.0.3 wouldn’t accept certain license codes.  If this impacted you, you’ve already experienced it after upgrading. To our knowledge, it happened very rarely, but the bug has now been fixed and should no longer frustrate people.

You can download a copy of App Tamer 1.0.4 using this link.

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